Thursday, July 31, 2008

I AM BACK!!!!!

My "little break" lasted longer than I intended. Initially, I just didn't have much to say, but then the AIR CONDITIONER BROKE!! Sorry, my brain just does not function too well when I am hot! Apparently, I am not very friendly, either. I guess heat causes me to be a little moody - sorry Caleb!!

Today I enjoyed a day off of work. Audrey and I headed to Monroe to visit LiLi, Emma and Jack. Emma and Jack have spent the past few days with LiLi so Audrey and I wanted to crash the party!

Believe it or not.....Pecanland Mall now has a carousel! It is really fancy and the kids had a great time riding (twice)!
Enjoy the pictures!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So Very Sorry

I know, It's alomost been a week. What can I say? I have no good excuse. Hang on, though.......I will be back! In the mean time, check out my husband's latest entry on He is a funny man!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Warning! Warning!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

conversation with Audrey

"Audrey, what would you like to eat?"

"Peanut butter and jelly on clean bread."

"Clean bread?"

Yes, like Mrs. Shelly has. You know Mom, clean bread. I want clean bread, not dirty bread like you and Dad eat."

Translation: clean is white bread and dirty is wheat bread.

Monday, July 21, 2008


I cannot seem to get the caption under the picture. Can someone help me please??!

The Chipmunks

I will have you know there is a saint of a woman walking around in Ruston. She goes by the name Honey. This precious woman is taking her granddaughter Audrey to see the "Chipmunk Movie" tomorrow morning at Tinsletown in West Monroe. I cannot imagine sitting through that movie - yuck! Audrey is so excited, she cannot fall asleep and she has already picked out her outfit for the show.

We are so blessed to have so many people that love our children. Honey is a very special lady, indeed!
Poppa, Honey and the Seney Girls

Sunday, July 20, 2008


In my post for today, the caption I had under the picture somehow ended up in the middle of my writing. Sorry! For those of you who don't know - the picture is of Honey, Poppa, Audrey and Cousin Emma.

Typical Sunday

Well, today was just a typical Sunday at the Seney house. We went to church and yes, Abby cried and screamed, but, no, we were not called out of the service to get her. As we say at work, "progress, not perfection."
This afternoon both girls (okay, all three of us girls) took a long nap. LiLi came by the visit, but neither Audrey nor Abby were awake for the visit. I was thankful that Audrey took a nap (she doesn't always, which makes for a long, cranky afternoon), but I was heartbroken for her when she cried and cried because she missed playing with her LiLi.
Honey, Poppa, Audrey and Cousin Emma
As usual, we went and had supper with Poppa and Honey at Tia Maria's. The hostesses, waiters and waitresses all know us. There is one particular waitress that has been working there since I was pregnant with Audrey, so she has seen our sweet family grow. Recently, a new tradition has started. Poppa and Honey take Audrey to TCBY after supper. When she got home tonight I asked her if her ice cream was good and she looked at me so seriously and said "It's yogurt Mom." Smarty-pants!!!!
Tomorrow is Monday, so it's my bedtime.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


One of Audrey's favorite past times is having a "concert" for her family. She loves to stand on the grouchy (fireplace hearth to you and me) and sing into a tall candle holder. Well, tonight she decided she would include Abby in the concert (probably because the "stage", a plastic storage container, was in Abby's room). Also different tonight was that Audrey had on her tap shoes - not Abby, though - still a little young for that. I tell you what, that Audrey has moves that would make Gregory Hines jealous.

These precious girls never cease to amaze me and make me smile. I absolutely love both of my beautiful babies!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Password Is......

So, recently, I see there is now a Celebrity Password game show on TV. I never really watched the original version and I have only partly-seen one episode of the Celebrity variety. All I know is, it cracks me up!! To see those adults looking so seriously at each other and trying to guess a word. Others I know find it to be funny, too and a couple of friends and I even play our own version (I will not get into here). So now, Audrey and I have our own version, too and it is funny!! Basically, we look each other in the eye (close proximity) and have VERY serious faces. Then, she or I say a word and the other person has to say a word that "fits" with the first word.

Some examples:

Audrey: Hair
Mom: Head

Mom: Finger
Audrey: Nail Polish

Audrey: Bellybutton
Mom: Tummy

Mom: Blueberries
Audrey: Poppa (he loves them)

So, hopefully by now you get the idea - every now and then Audrey has to stop and say, "Momma, this is very serious. We cannot laugh or smile"---of which I do immediately!

During one particular round of password, I decide I am going to say something that might stump Audrey. I only do it because I am so curious of what her reaction would be. Here it is:

Mom: Jesus
Audrey: Heart

Does that not melt your heart?! Does it get any better than that? I don't think so.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Poo-Wee or Wee-Poo....Which Ever You Prefer

Abby has many obsessions these days, one of which is the toilet. I know, that is disgusting, but you like what you like. We have to be very careful to keep the lid down, or better yet, the bathroom door closed. Normally, Abby is a little wobbly on her feet, unless she sees an open bathroom door and then she suddenly becomes Steve Prefontaine (for those of you who do not know, Mr. Prefontaine was/is the greatest track runner in history - right Lora and Camille?). She takes off and there is no stopping her. Caleb and I try, but without luck.....the only thing Audrey can do is scream in horror....the scream is special and if we here it, we know what has or is about to occur. Also, as if planned, Abby has something (usually special to her or her sister) in her hand. Abby's first dip (not tobacco, but actually dipping special objects in the toilet) was horrifying to Audrey. You see, Audrey has a special pink teddy bear (Rosette pronounced RosAtte) that her special cousin Elisha gave her. One day, Abby developed a deep love for RosAtte and Audrey graciously allowed Abby to "adopt" her, with visitation rights, of course. Well, one Sunday afternoon, Caleb and I hear a horrible shreak, we run to find Abby "dipping" RosAtte in the toilet with one hand and flushing with the other. Very traumatic for everyone involved - not to worry, RosAtte survived after a good spin in the Whirlpool. That brings me to the happenings of today. Caleb had to work late, so I had the girls by myself. We were in the back (our bedroom has somehow become the family hangout). The girls were playing and laughing as I was doing very important business (you know, surfing the internet). Audrey says, "Momma, I need to potty." Okay, I say and get up to open the door and turn on the light for her. A few minutes pass and I notice Audrey is out of the bathroom and playing again with Abby. In the back of my mind, I think something is not quite right, but am quickly distracted again by my "important business." Out of no where, I suddenly here the horrible shreak, as quickly as I can, I get to the bathroom, just in time to see Abby stick her hand in the toilet and bring out a fist full of "wee-poo" that was "poo-wee." After thinking back, I realized I never heard Audrey flush the toilet or shut the bathroom door - maybe I should do less "important business" and more paying attention. In the words of my sister Ann, "oh, well, whatcha gonna do?"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I hear it ALL the time from both of my parents - Audrey and Emma are just like me and Ann. According to most, Audrey looks and acts like me and Emma looks and acts like Ann. Emma and Audrey relate to each other like Ann and I did when we were younger. Emma is the decision-maker (her momma, Ann, was just bossy) and Audrey is the peacemaker (like me, she just wants everyone to get along). They also LOVE each other and FIGHT with each other just like sisters. Ann and I love to watch them interact - it really is funny!!

Don't worry Aunt Lora, I will include Jack,Abby and Madeline in another post!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Apparently, my sweet Aunt Lora was concerned that I did not mention and/or show Abby in yesterday's blog, so...........this is dedicated to Abby.

Abby has recently discovered a new Her favorite past time is to hang out in my closet and put on my shoes - she has also been known to wear Audrey's and Caleb's. I am sure most kids her age love shoes, but for Abby this is monumental. You see, when she was really little (0-12 mo) she HATED shoes. I tried SOOOOO hard to get her to wear shoes, but she just would not do it. At one point, it was so bad that she would burst into hysterics if I just showed her a shoe - that was captured on film by LiLi - sorry I don't have it available on my computer to share with you. Well, everything has changed now. She loves ANY and ALL shoes.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Audrey through the Years

Have you ever seen a baby of these proportions? Sure, you say, I have seen many one-year-old babies this size. Well, guess what............this hunk of a baby was only 2 months old in this photo.

This is Audrey at 21 months with her Uncle Drew's dog. Notice the precious chubby arms!!

This is Audrey at Easter this year. Beautiful girl.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Before I get started with today's blog, I thought I would give you all another chance to see Audrey's handywork, oh, I mean, Abby's black eye.

Okay, on to today's activities. The day started with church - we did not last long, though. For some reason, Abby was having none of it this morning. A little birdy was sent to find me during the service to inform me that Abby was less than happy and had been that way for about 30 minutes. Oh, well, whatcha gonna do? I figure that's something Abby and the Good Lord are going to have to work out on their own....

This afternoon was filled with good old fashioned redneck fun - you know - playing in the sprinklers. Country come to town at our house - we have a sprinkler system. Some would say it is to water the yard and keep it beautiful. At the Seney house, it's for a 4-year-old and her crazy momma to run around and play in. The scene was complete with daddy taking pictures and grandma watching from the rocking chair in her Sunday-goin-to-meetin' clothes. Too bad Abby was not able to join in on the family fun - she was taking a much needed nap. As Audrey and I said..."You snooze - you lose."

We next headed to supper at Poppa and Honey's - aka Tia Maria's. Bless Audrey's little heart - she thinks the name of the restaurant is "Poppa and Honey's" because we eat nearly every Sunday with them at Tia Maria's.

The day ended in somewhat of a disturning way - at least to me - Audrey and Caleb watching "Camp Rock" on the Disney channel. No 4 year-old should be watching that show and no 31 year-old man should either.

I love my family! Goodnight.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Today we headed to Bossier City to have a small family gathering with some of the Seney Family. We met at Jennifer and Daniel's house (Caleb's sister and her husband). They have a sweet 4 year old named Megan - she and Audrey love playing with each other! Also there was Caleb's sister, Tina, and her family (husband David and kids Tracy and Tyler). The younger cousins (Megan, Audrey and Abby) had a great time playing on the swing set, in the pool and on the Barbie Jeep. We are very blessed to have great family near us (on both sides of the family). Enjoy the pictures!
P.S. I should add - if it looks like Abby has a black eye - she does. The following conversation between father and daughter should explain.

Caleb: "Audrey, why is Abby crying?" (concern)

Audrey: "I guess because she is a cry baby." ("smarty-pants" voice)

Caleb: "Audrey, did you do anything to your sister to make her cry?" ( getting louder)

Audrey: "But, she is a cry baby, Daddy." (matter-of-fact voice)

Caleb: "Audrey, I will ask again, WHY is Abby crying?" (frustration has set in)

Audrey: "Cry baby, Daddy." (again, matter-of-fact voice)

Caleb: "Did you do ANYTHING to make your sister cry?" (serious father voice)

Audrey: "Oh, yea, I hit her." (showing little to no emotion).

Friday, July 11, 2008


Today was declared "pajama day" at the Seney household - at least for the little Seneys. Today the biggest of the small's and the smallest of the small's (aka Audrey and Abby) had a break from Ms. Shelly - why she needs a day off from babysitting is a mystery to me(haha)! Caleb and I took turns staying home with the girls. I had morning duty - turned out to be a pretty good shift. Caleb was very quiet dressing and leaving the house. I woke to the sound of little feet pitter-pattering down the hall to my room. It was Audrey. She asked of she could play with the "leap-the-frog" (small computer-like device actually known as a leapfrog). I told her sure and to get in the bed with me. The next thing I know Audrey is asking for her breakfast (I am too embarrassed to write what it consists of - someone may turn me into the nutrition police). I make myself get out of the bed and head to the kitchen - I look at the clock and it is 10:00 AM!! Panic sets in - "why isn't Abby up?" I rush to her room and she is still sleeping like a baby (I guess because she is one). For those of you without small children - it is UNHEARD OF for babies/kids to sleep so late!!! She ended up sleeping until 10:30. Caleb came home at lunch so I could go to work for the afternoon. Right before leaving work, I call home to check. Caleb says, "Be prepared - the house is just as you left it. I have not cleaned a thing and the girls are still in their pajamas." For some reason, it did not even bother me! I came home and by 5:05 I had my pj's on, too.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Here We Go.......

Well, here we go. Everyone I know has a blog and I guess it's time the Seney's jumped on the bandwagon! We live a busy life with two young girls, Audrey (4) and Abby (15 mo.). These sweet and precious girls keep us on our toes and laughing constantly! After some discussion, Caleb and I decided it would be really special for our girls to have a daily (hopefully) account of their young years.

Today started as usual: Get out of bed, drink ALOT of coffee, shower, dress, etc... Somewhere in that process sweet little Abby took a tumble. As I held her and comforted her, Caleb asked, "Adrian, what is that on your neck?" Well, it was blood and it was from Abby's mouth. She apparently tripped on her favorite blanket and busted (I know the grammatically correct word is burst, but it doesn't seem to have the right amount of impact) her lip. After the bleeding stopped and ice was applied, we realized it was not so bad. Had it been our first, Audrey, we would have rushed her to the hospital, but by the second child, you learn not to freak out too much.

Poor, Poor Baby!