Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today was a big day in my bloggy world. My favorite thing to do in the mornings is wake up before everyone else, pour a big cup of coffee and read my favorite blogs. As you probably know, I live in somewhat of a fantasy world and think I actually know these people. I follow three blogs and I have NEVER MET THESE PEOPLE! I like Kelley's Corner (cute baby) and Big Mama (very funny). I recently added BooMama and find her amusing, too.

Today, all the stars aligned and ALL OF MY PRETEND FRIENDS met up and hung out. I was in blog heaven reading about it! Apparently, "Big" and "Boo" went out and stayed on Pioneer Woman's Ranch (I don't follow her, but I have seen her on my cousin's blog list). After a few days of hanging out on the ranch, "Big" and "Boo" met up with Kelley (and baby Harper). HOW COOL IS THAT?? Okay, I am done.

Abby has attached herself recently to a stuffed Snufalufagas (is that how to spell it??). This morning she claimed he needed his diaper changed. She told us "Dino (her name for him) is stanky (you know, stinky). She then went into her room in search of a diaper. Well, seeing as how mature her parents are, we decided to help her out. When we were all done, she even said "thank you".
Can you guess who's idea it was to cut the hole for his tail?? (Caleb)
We are headed to the beach next week. Just the four of us. We have never been on a vacation with just the four of us. The girls are excited as you can probably tell by the baby beach chairs in the background of the above picture. Ann gave them those chairs last year and they have decided they LOVE them. Okay, really those chairs have been out since way before they knew we were headed to the beach! It wasn't planned, but somehow our bedroom is the family hang out room. As evidenced by the Dora chairs and "mermaid kingdom".
I don't plan on surfing the web while we are at the beach, so this may be the opportunity to break my addiction to random blogs. The truth is, we don't have a lap top and that is why I won't be surfing. I hope I don't go into withdrawals....

Monday, June 22, 2009

Just Another Typical Monday Night at the Seney's

A little fishin'

a ballerina doing the splits

and hanging out in "mermaid kingdom"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

Abby eats dinner in her sunglasses more often than not. She also eats with two or three stuffed animals and her blanket. She is my kind of girl.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

2009 Dance Recital

Well, we survived the dance recital. Well, almost. Audrey had a ballet routine and a tap routine. For some reason, the tap routine was after intermission (about the 10th dance after intermission). I guess "the powers that be" were really not thinking because it is a class of 4 and 5 year old kids! So, she did great in the ballet routine. They were angels and were precious. The following picture was taken at Thursday's dress rehearsal. Isn't she precious?!

So, on recital night, my mom and I go to check on Audrey backstage. The poor thing (along with others) was melting down. Intermission was not until 9:00 so that meant her next routine would not be until around 10:00 AT NIGHT! She was exhausted, hungry and HAD IT! She was begging me to go home. I was so torn. I wanted to take her home, but I was worried that she would regret it later and I was worried that I was setting a precedence that it is okay to not follow through with her commitments (my parents were VERY big on this). In the end, her tears won out and we left. So far, she doesn't regret it one bit. The tap costume is so cute! I took her picture in it Friday afternoon. She is so sassy sometimes! It was a little weird putting make-up on her, but those were the strict orders from you know who, "the powers that be".
We had the option of having their pictures taken at the civic center, but they were done at 8:00 on Thursday morning and I just didn't think she would have made it with the LONG dress rehearsal after that. So, my friend Erin and I had Allison (Picture This) take Audrey and Mia's picture Friday afternoon. I can't wait to see how they turn out.
I know I am being negative, but I am not sure I want to go through all this again!! I really want her to be interested in gymnastics or swim or soccer...anything that does not involve a recital!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

RAVE, Level 4

I did not sleep good last night...I was worried and TERRIFIED about the big dance recital dress rehearsal. For those of you that do not know, the annual dance recital is a HUGE undertaking (mainly for the mothers). The thing that really terrified me was the "bun". Yes, all girls are to have their hair in a classical ballet style bun. In case you don't know, Audrey has a bob. Her hair is NOT very conducive to a bun. There were strict instructions...ALL HAIR OFF FACE AND NECK; NO FLY-AWAYS! I knew this called for the "big guns". That's right folks...RAVE Level 4.

Oh, the memories I have of the RAVE. The turquoise can, the nauseating smell. When I think of RAVE, I also think of my friend, LeeAnn. She and I both loved RAVE and used it religiously. The only section of our hair we used it on was our bangs. It is quite a talent to create the bangs we were able to create in high school. The two main tools needed were a curling iron and RAVE. The bangs moved in one big section!!

So, the other day I head to WalMart in search of RAVE. As I scanned the aisle, I got very nervous. Where was the familiar turquoise can?? I broke out in a small sweat thinking I may have to buy AquaNet. But then my eyes landed on it....RAVE. Apparently, the RAVE people are trying to keep up with the times by changing their bottle color to silver. They did not fool me!

This morning the bun was created. I don't think I have ever used so much hairspray in my life! When it was all over, Audrey said her hair felt like hay. Poor thing...she survived, though and that hair did not move all day!

On our way to rehearsal. I did not put her costume on yet because I was not sure she would fit in her booster seat with all the "business" involved with it.


Side view...yes that lace was part of the costume; not my idea
Because I feel like I have posted so much about Audrey lately, I decided to add a picture of both of my girls being silly (what they do best).