Thursday, October 20, 2011

So, Ive been out of town....

I just got back in town yesterday.  I left Sunday to go to Baton Rouge for a conference/training.  I missed my family, but Caleb did AWESOME!!  He's just a great dad.  So blessed to have him!

I have a couple of contract jobs that I do.  One is for Pine Hills Child Advocacy Center.  I am a forensic interviewer, which means I interview kids that have been sexually abused/assaulted and/or physically abused.  I have been doing this since 2006.  On Monday and Tuesday morning an expert in the field came to Baton Rouge to train interviewers from across the state.  The training was really good.  I think I have conditioned myself to not let what I hear/see bother me.  We had to watch some interviews from my peers and watch one the trainer brought.  WOW!!!  It was really tough.  Especially seeing interviews of children that are the same age as my kids.....REALLY TOUGH!

That was followed by 3 hours of ethics training!!  BORING!  How do you make that interesting??!!

I decided that since I would not be at work M-T-W why should I go Thursday or Friday??  Friday the kids get out of school early, so we will have the afternoon to play.  This morning Abby's class went to the Townsend House pumpkin patch and then to the Arbor Assisted Living facility to sing and I tagged along.  Fun times!  I"ve included a couple of pictures of the field trip.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Not Much to Report....

We have had a quiet weekend.  I didn't get my camera out at all!  Friday night we cleaned house (woohoo!).  Saturday we just hung out around the house.  That night Caleb and I had a party to go to for one of his friends that recently got married, so the girls stayed home with Allyson, the babysitter.  Sunday, we went to church.  After church, Caleb watched the Saints and the girls and I, along with Andrew and his girls and mom, went to Hillcrest for the kids to play.  Sunday evening, Audrey had Sophia over for a couple of hours to play.  Caleb grilled burgers and then we went to Eskimoe's for a treat.  It was a nice, quiet weekend.
 I know it is hard to see.  I took this with my phone.  Each girl took a baby to Eskimoe's and Sophia wore Audrey's sling just for fun.  Silly girls!

Hope you have a great week!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Weekend so far....

I am going to go ahead and blog about our weekend because I don't plan on doing anything blog-worthy from now until bedtime on Sunday.  Well, actually we will attend the first service of our new church The Bridge, formerly Christ Community Church and Crossroads Church.  How cool is that??!! 

On Friday, we had Mary Hope over to spend the night.  The girls were very sweet and had fun.  Abby and MH did not want to go to sleep.  Such party animals!!
Playing the Wii
This is MH and Abby doing their "trick"
The weather was beautiful this morning!!  The girls spent most of the morning outside playing.  For some odd reason, they love to hang out in the back of my truck.  They crack me up!!  This morning they spend some time coloring back there......
After their time in the back of the truck, they moved to the backyard, they along with some of their "friends" to do a little swinging........
We went to the movie Saturday afternoon.  The girls have been wanting to see "Dolphin Tale."  What a great movie!!!  We loved it.  I teared up several times!!  Audrey invited her friend Riley to come with us. They are so sweet together.  On the way to the movie and on the way home, they read poems from "Where the Sidewalks Ends".  So cute. 
Disclaimer:  I took this picture in the parking lot before starting the car!!

Saturday evening while the girls waiting on dinner, they sat outside with mini-pumpkins and decorated them with Sharpies.  The weather has been beautiful today.  We thought about going to the Tech game, but opted to just stay home and do a lot of nothing!!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!