Sunday, February 15, 2009

Still Here!!

Wow! It really has been a long time since I have written a post...sorry! I don't know why, but I just haven't done it! I think I got behind last weekend when i was on my own with the girls! Can I tell you what a GREAT husband I have?? He went out of town last weekend for work and i realized how much he does for this family!! For starters, he cooks every meal; every day. When we told the girls he would be gone for the weekend, Audrey's response was, "What are we going to eat?"

We managed and had a fun girl's weekend. My mom came over and stayed with us Saturday night...that was fun and a big help!

What else is going on?? Caleb and I had a Valentine's date last night. We went to dinner and a movie. It was a lot of fun. Caleb's camp director, Steven, and his fiance, Teri, kept the girls for FREE! How nice?

Just wanted to let y'all know we are still here! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I think the picture below is so sweet...Abby is holding onto Audrey's toe. Too cute!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wildflower....We love this school!

We do love Wildflower Montessori School!

Audrey has done really well and we are so proud of her! She has learned so much and ADORES her teachers ( and so do I)!

Here is the latest in the drama that is Audrey's life: This morning Audrey refused to put her coat on. I explained to her that it is cold outside and she will need it for the playground. Big, fat tears stream down her face. Fine, I think, forget it. I told her we would take it, but she didn't have to put it on.

Around 10:30, I realize it is cold outside and I had forgotten to take Audrey's coat in with her. I text her teachers (aren't I hip??) and ask them to make sure Audrey remembers that she has another coat in her cubby and to wear it for recess.

I get to school at lunch to pick her up and she is on the playground with the coat on, but she is not playing and she is pouting. One of her teachers explains that she became very upset and tearful when they asked her to put her coat on. What??!!

On the ride from school to Mrs. Shelly's house, I again ask Audrey what the deal is with coats. This is her response: "I did not want to wear it because everyone on the playground would not be able to see the cute shirt I have on today!" I hate to admit it, but I totally understand where she was coming from.

I have posted a few pictures from her school Christmas party (better late than never).

Audrey and Miss Lauren showing their pouty look