Monday, January 31, 2011

Ballerinas and Bears

My Aunt Lora dropped these tutu's off at our house today. What a treat! Both of our girls love to dance and twirl around. So, after homework and before and after (and even during) dinner, they were very busy dancing around the house. Thank you, Aunt Lora, we love them!! Also, Abby decided Madeline and Julia could have the other two (according to her Julia can use hers as a blanket until she gets old enough to dance in it). Silly Abby!!

Speaking of silly Abby, she really is such a funny kid. She keeps me and Caleb laughing all the time. For the past year or so, she has loved to put her blankets in the freezer because she likes the silky side to be very cold. Well, this evening Caleb brought me into the kitchen and asked me to look in the refrigerator. This is what I found:

Abby said that "Roosebelle" was napping in the cool air. So silly!! Rosie was mine when I was little and I gave it to Audrey and she has passed it to Abby. Last night I told Abby his name was Roosevelt. She thought that was such a funny name. This morning she was referring to the bear as "Roosebelle". She thought she was a girl and re-named her!!
Now that you are looking in my 'fridge, do you see the peppermint mocha creamer?? OMG!! Right before Thanksgiving I started my mild addiction to Pumpkin Spice creamer. It is sooooo yummy, but seasonal. During this time, I also discovered the peppermint mocha. I overindulged from the beginning of November until the end of December. I knew they were seasonal so I thought, "oh, well, what's it going to hurt?" Well, I just discovered the peppermint mocha is now year-round. I am so torn. So happy because I have access to it 24/7, but so sad because I don't think my daily indulgence is helping in my journey to lose 10 pounds. Such a love-hate relationship!!! Well, I tried to just not buy it. For about 3 days, I drank my coffee with fat free half and half (my previous morning beverage). All I can say is GROSS. I cannot make myself like it anymore. I am spoiled to the creamer!! not even buy it if you have not tried is addictive as proven by my withdrawal symptoms for those 3 days.
Enjoy your week and stay away from the creamer.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Weekend

I was on-call for work this weekend, so it wasn't the most fun. On Saturday, Audrey went to a cheer clinic at Tech and then had the opportunity to perform at half-time of the men's basketball game on Saturday night.

Silly Audrey and Abby before the game
Enjoying a little snack

.......and more cheering
She had a great time!! Abby even enjoyed herself at the basketball game. She's such a sweet and funny little girl!
Sunday we made Nutella Brownies. Yummy!!!! We LOVE Nutella at this house so how could Nutella brownies not be good??
Have a good week!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm SOOO Proud

Well, it is official. Audrey is JUST like her momma {thank goodness ;)}. These two examples will explain what I mean.

1.) Sunday Audrey had an activity to do in her Sunday School class. They were talking about Jesus being a king, why we refer to Him as a king, etc. They then got a worksheet to do. They were to write/draw what they thought about when they heard king. I'm pretty sure the teachers were looking for Jesus and/or something about Him and His life. Not my girl!! No, look at the sheet below:
Am I proud? That may not be the best word to describe it, but she is just like her momma in that food came to her mind immediately. Love that girl!!!! Not to worry, though. She gets the whole church thing. Not long ago, the girls and I were at home alone. Abby was being a little feisty and not really listening to me. All of a sudden, Audrey appeared with her Bible. She was frantically looking for the 10 Commandments. She said "Abby, you have to follow these commandments that Moses talked about. One of them is about 'honor your mother and father' and I don't think you are honoring our mom by not listening to her! HaHaHa!! That made me laugh so hard. Again, I love that girl!!

My second example is the following picture. Audrey sometimes has a hard time keeping up with her things and keeping her room clean (that she gets from her daddy). Well, Saturday Caleb told Audrey she needed to clean her room. He told her to work on one thing at a time. Put all your books up, put your shoes up, put Abby's things together. He went in a few minutes later to check on her and this is what she had just finished doing:
For those of you that know me, I HEART a list. I make one everyday!! I have done this forever. I can remember doing it in school. My dad always has a list, too. His is always written in blue ink on a yellow legal pad. Mom is notorious for her lists, too. She has a red book she carries around with her lists. She's done that for years, too. I'm so proud of her!! She already loves a list. What a smart girl!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Weekend

The weekend did not get off to a good start. Audrey came home from sick from school Thursday. We went to the doctor Friday morning. She had strep throat. Poor baby! She was pitiful. Instead of giving her an oral antibiotic, she got a shot....thank goodness!! Neither of my girls have ever been given an injection at Green Clinic. Always oral. I'm not sure if it because she is getting older or if it was because of the look on the doctor's face when she looked at Audrey's throat!! Anyway, she was fever free by Saturday morning so this morning she was 24 hours fever free and able to go to church and visit with cousins. Yea!!

We went by Andrew and Ashley's house because Mom was going to be there. Mom has come over almost every Sunday since Audrey was born, but now she can switch between my house and Andrew's house. BTW, I didn't let Audrey hold or even TOUCH Julia...I know she is no longer contagious, but I just wanted to be on the safe side.

We had fun. Audrey and Madeline played Twister for awhile. Well, Madeline was interested for about a second, but Audrey played by herself. She didn't know the difference and I am not sure she would have cared if she had.

Audrey and Madeline

Just Audrey

Abby helped LiLi spin for Audrey

Not long after, Abby and Madeline got out a lot of stuffed animals so they could play. Silly girls!
BTW, Audrey and I have come to an agreement on the bows. She will wear one to church and other times she has to "dress up." I guess I can live with that. Also, she is going to grow out her hair until her dance recital and then we are CUTTING IT OFF!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's Catch Up

So, what is happening in Seney World?? Well, we have a new family member. My brother, Andrew and his wife, Ashley had a baby girl, Julia Lillian. She is precious!!!! They now have two little girls (Madeline is 3). I feel like I can pass on all my "wisdom" from having 2 girls, myself (hahaha!!). Not sure how much wisdom is here!!

Audrey is in love with Julia. Actually, she is in love with most babies. Is it her age? I don't know, put she talks about them all the time. She could not wait to get her hands on Julia. We went to the hospital to visit her last week before she came home. Audrey was in heaven!! Thank you, Ashley, for allowing Audrey to hold and love all over your new baby.

Since Julia was born, the Miller cousins from Thibodaux came last weekend and visited. We had a fun, relaxing weekend. Caleb even offered to keep all the kids so that Ann and I could go out to eat Saturday night. I have a wonderful husband. Thank you, Caleb!!

Poppa and Honey and then LiLi came by on Saturday, so we had a full house. I really need to work on my camera skills. I attempt to take pictures, but they are not the best. Take the picture below for example. You are probably wondering if Dad has a mouth. Well, he does. It is just behind Jack's head. Speaking of the picture below, notice Audrey's hair. Y'all, I am having some real issues about this. 1). She will not let me get her hair cut. I think it is so cute cut kinda short in a bob. No, she wants to have it long. I'm just not sure she is long-hair material. I know I'm not!! 2). She wants to fix it herself. I really have to bite my tongue, but it is so hard. I just don't think the "do" below does her much justice. 3). She is not really into bows anymore. This breaks my heart!! And because of her bow hate, she is influencing her sister to not like bows either. I know I may be a little ridiculous here, but it is just how I feel!!

One of the hardest things in the world, is to get a half-way decent picture with all the cousins. Below is a perfect example.
Seeing Julia, I ALMOST have the baby bug. But, I think it will pass. I am not sure I could keep my sanity (what little I have) if I had three children!! She is so sweet in the picture below. Precious baby girl!!

If you will remember, I said I was training to do the Crescent City Classic? Well, I am working out, but there is no training!! I really would love to be a runner. I envy all the people that run for miles and miles, but I have decided that I AM NOT A RUNNER!! I just can't do it. Also, Dad and Laurie have offered to take all of us (kids and grand kids) to Florida for Easter. a 10k or go to the beach?? It was really a hard decision...not!!!
Have a nice weekend!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We had a really wonderful Christmas, but I am sorta glad it is over. Caleb and I both took off the two weeks that the kids were out of school. We stayed up late, woke up late, ate a bunch of junk, napped, skipped workouts, watched movies.....we had fun!!! Monday it was hard to get back in the swing of things.

Audrey and her DSi (pink, of course)

Abby and her cash register

So, Sunday morning I wake up with the worst pain in between my shoulder blades radiating up to my shoulders. Horrible!! By Monday morning, it was worse, so I went to the doctor. After talking with him some, I realized the source of my injury....the wii. How pitiful is that??!! I consider myself pretty healthy and exercise regularly, but a few rounds of wii tennis and bowling brought me to my knees!!!! I left with steroids, muscle relaxers and pain medicine. Pretty sad, huh??? Needless to say, my exercise routine has gone down the drain, but I think I am ready to start back. I was looking for something to help me get motivated. Caleb and I have decided to do the Crescent City Classic 10k. My sister and I did it in 2006, so surely I can do it again. I have printed off the training schedule and will start in the morning...woohoo!! Even if we can't jog it, we can walk it. I am excited about it and look forward to Caleb and I doing it together. It is Easter weekend and I am sure I can find someone (hint, hint) in South Louisiana to keep the girls!!