Sunday, September 25, 2011


The weekend starting with Caleb and I going to the movie for his birthday on Friday.  Thanks to Ashley and Andrew for allowing the girls to spend the night.  We went to see "Drive".  I am surprised to say that I really enjoyed it.  It has a lot of violence, but I liked it and so did Caleb.  Being able to see Ryan Gosling on the screen was not too bad, either......
Saturday we just hung around the house and then went to a fish fry in West Monroe.  The Twin City Classic Chevy Club is a HUGE supporter of Med Camps and they are just sweet people.  They consider Caleb like family, so the 4 of us went and had a good time.  Earlier in the day, I took the girls to Wal Mart.  Audrey still had birthday money to spend and she decided she wanted a couple of CD's (ummmm...when did she get old enough to want to get CD's??).  Anyway, she got Disney's Shake it Up and Victorious.  Oh, the dancing that happened when we got home.  Try not to be alarmed.  Yes, I allowed them to dance on Audrey's bed (the sheets were being washed).  That's just the way it is around the Seney house.

Sunday we went to church.  Before leaving, I asked Caleb to take a few pictures of the girls.  Abby was dressed cute, so I needed to document it since her favorite thing now is to NOT be cute!!  She was less than thrilled to have her picture taken...

It really is a hard life for Abby.....Audrey, on the other hand was overly cooperative
After church, we went to Monroe to visit and eat lunch with LiLi.  We also went to see the Lion King in 3D with Aunt Ashley and Madeline.  Lots of fun!  Don't they look so Hollywood??!!
I took this picture with my phone, so the quality isn't too great.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Yesterday was our anniversary and today is Caleb's birthday.  No, I wasn't trying to give him help to remember our anniversary, although I have heard that from many people.  I actually wanted to get married on October 6, but LSU and Florida were playing.  Enough said.  September 22 was the next possible for that worked for us.  Anywho......the point of this post is to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CALEB!!!  The girls and I love you bunches!!  I hope you have enjoyed your day.  One thing that should make you feel good about aging is that I will ALWAYS be older than you!! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Love you, my handsome husband!!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Weekend....

We had a busy, but fun Saturday.  We went to the pep rally, went to tail gait and went to the football game.  Sunday we went to church and had pizza with Poppa and Honey.  The girls really enjoy the football games.  I am still a little bitter that Dad no longer has box seats that he and his family had for YEARS!!  More than anything I miss the parking pass!!  :)  I never really knew what it was to park and WALK...oh, well, it doesn't hurt us to walk.  Love you anyway, Dad!!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend from things we did around the house.
Audrey and Abby doing their "trapeze tricks"
Caleb took the girls to the library Friday afternoon.  Audrey came home with 2 books and Abby 7!!  Audrey was being really sweet to Abby Saturday morning and reading to Abby.....
And, the girls made tie-dyed cupcakes on Sunday afternoon.  Audrey got the kit for her birthday and we finally took the time to bake them.  The girls had fun and loved their cupcakes.
I really hope the rest of the week is not as crazy as today has busy (at work).  No fun!!  But, on a positive note, Abby went to her fist tumbling class tonight.  She told me "it was more than any other thing in the universe!" and the whole ride home she kept repeating "I am SO excited!!"

Friday, September 9, 2011

What's Going On.....

Well, the Seney family has enjoyed the cooler temps.  So nice!!!  Audrey got her cast off and is doing great.  She wore a splint for a few days, but for the past week, she has been "free" and loving it!!!  The bone is still a little bowed, but should correct itself.  She started back to art on Tuesday.  She LOVES art and is so glad to be back at it.  She is doing great at school.  She loves school....not so much the socialization, but the learning.  Love our sweet SMART girl!  She will be cleared to do physical things the first of October.  She goes back and forth with whether or not she wants to go back to tumbling.  She has agreed to try.  We just don't want her to be afraid.  If she goes a few times and genuinely doesn't like it, we won't make her go back.  She shall see.

Abby. Oh, my!  What do to with her?  She is something else.  She is so independent and head strong.  The first full week of school was really hard.  She cried every morning before school...thinking of some excuse not to go.  This year she is staying all day.  Last year she stayed only half a day and then spent the afternoon with Mrs. Shelly.  This year, we have a precious sitter, Kacie, picking up the girls and bringing them home until we get home from work.  It is working out really well.  The girls love her, but they also miss Mrs. Shelly.  She has kept the girls since Audrey was 6 months old.  It is just going to take time to get used to the change.  Also, Abby has declared that she no longer wears cute clothes.  WHAT??  She has a closet full of precious clothes and insists on wearing one pair of denim shorts and old t-shirts that Audrey slept in...OLD!!  I have finally given up.  I know it is really silly, but it really bothers me!!  Pick your battles.....She starts tumbling class Monday and is very excited.  The child has more energy than she knows what to do with.  Hoping tumbling helps.

Church starts back Wednesday night.  Caleb and I have small group at our house and the girls will go to M&M's (missions and music..I think??).  They are excited and so are we. 

We have a busy weekend with the Tech pep rally, tailgaiting and football game.

Enjoy the weekend!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee: Day Two

Well, yesterday the weather was on and off raining.  The kids were able to go outside some between the rain storms.  I think the highlight of the day was kayaking in the ditch behind the Miller's House.  Here is Steve and Jack......
The rain is worse this morning.  We really will be stuck in the house today.  Family bonding time!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee: Day One

So, the Seney's decided to trek down to Thibodaux for the weekend...just in time for TS Lee.  It looks like we will not be leaving the house because of all the rain.  Last night, the kids entertained themselves with the Wii.  Enjoy the pictures!!
Also, in breaking news, Ann finally joined facebook.  The weather makes people do crazy things, I guess!!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Thing that I Don't Do Very Well.....

Last night my SIL, Ashley, invited me to her Girl's Night Out.  We went to KaCee Loe's (as in KaCee's Sugar and Spice) and decorated cakes.  Now, many years ago in a previous life, KaCee was the HR Director at La. Methodist Children's Home where I work.  About 8 years ago, my friend Jan and I went to her house and she allowed us to decorate cakes.  Apparently, mine wasn't anything outstanding because I don't remember it.  But, I remember having fun cause I was with my friend!!  Anywho, back to last night.......I purposely drank a glass of wine before I decorated my cake so that if it turned out terribly, I could blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.  The whole time I was decorating it I was thinking "I really just want to eat it.  That's all!!"  Anyway, here is the finished product........
And, here are the cutest little girls in the world looking at their momma's handy work......