Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Audrey FINALLY lost a tooth!! Most of her friends/cousins have lost at least one tooth and I think she was feeling left out! She lost it Thursday morning at Mrs. Shelly's, the babysitter. Mrs. Shelly is so sweet she send me a picture immediately on my phone so I could see. Love Mrs. Shelly!!

Audrey was so excited for the tooth fairy to come!! She did and guess what Audrey wanted to buy with her money?? SILLY BANDS. Are y'all familiar with Silly Bands? They are basically rubber bracelets in different shapes and are ALL THE RAGE.....well, according to Audrey. We have about 124,259,356 laying around our house now.

Enjoy the following pictures. BTW, Ann if you are reading this, DO NOT TELL EMMA AND JACK ABOUT AUDREY'S TOOTH! She is so excited to show them this weekend.

Audrey and her tooth (yes, it is hard to see)
Audrey and her pewter tooth container that LiLi bought her years ago and she has been waiting to use!

Poor Abby....so sad....she wanted a tooth to sleep with :(
Next week is vacation.........Destin with the cousins!! FUN TIMES!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


In late May, we made the trip to Little Rock to Madeline's birthday. Mom had Emma and Jack for the weekend, so they came too. It was a long day because we made it a day trip. FYI, that was not really a good idea and I do not recommend it to anyone!!! Caleb and I were teaching 5th and 6th grade Sunday School, so I needed to get back. Anyway, it was a long day, but lots of fun and so glad we did it. Also, the kids had not been to Madeline's house (how pitiful is that??) and since they were moving a couple of weeks after the party, this was their chance.

For some reason, we have not been able to get a current picture of the James cousins, so we took the opportunity. I took this picture with my phone, but Ashley took some with her camera, but she has not emailed them to me yet (hint, hint!!).

Back Row: Emma Miller, Audrey Seney, Jack Miller
Front: Abby Seney, Madeline James
Aren't they the cutest kids EVER??!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Poor Abby...

Our sweet little Abby is sick. We went to the doctor this morning. She has a fever, yucky cough and "crackling" lungs. Not pneumonia, but she was put on an antibiotic.
Audrey opted to stay home with Abby as opposed to going to the babysitter. She went to the doctor with us and had a large bag full of books so that she could read to her sister while we waited. So sweet!!
It is really hard when your child is sick and both parents work! UGH! Caleb and I usually take turns. I stay home in the mornings and Caleb in the afternoons. It never fails, though, the day I am home with a sick child is the day that everything at work falls apart. I know, this too shall pass, but it is a bit stressful!!
Abby is feeling better, but we are keeping her home again tomorrow. I'm sure Audrey will opt to stay home again, too.
Hope everyone else has had a better Monday!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day Two....

I cannot believe I am posting again today!! Really, I am making a better effort! Unfortunately, there really is not a lot going on...pretty boring people!

Abby woke up not feeling well this morning. So, she and I stayed home from church and Audrey and Caleb went. Audrey loves church and does not like to miss! We asked her if she wanted to stay home with me and Abby, but she would have none of that business...

After nap time, LiLi came over to visit. The girls played in the blow up pool in the backyard (that Caleb strategically placed under the slide to the swing set and hooked up the water hose to)while LiLi and I visited and watched. After a little bit of playing, we all enjoyed sno cones. Yum! Since camp is under way, Caleb has been working on Sunday afternoons, so it was just the girls.

That about sums up our day. Getting ready for another Monday....UGH!

Audrey before church

Abby wearing a hand-me-down dance recital outfit. It is her current favorite.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have been REALLY bad at updating my blog. Not sure why, but I am going to make a better effort. Right now, I should be cleaning my house, but I DO NOT like to clean and the pool is not open yet, so this was my only choice....

So far, the smmer has been nice. We go to the pool almost daily. Andrew, Ashley and Madeline have moved back to Ruston (yea!!), so we have spent time with them, too. We are looking forward to a beach trip with the Miller's at the end of the month.

Abby had her 3rd birthday in April and Audrey will be 6 in July. SOOOO hard to believe! Audrey will be in 1st grade and Abby will start Wildflower Montessori School in the fall (so excited; we love WMS!!).

I will do a better job of updating. Maybe....