Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas with Mom

Last night we went over to Andrew and Ashley's for Christmas with mom.  Mom rotates between Ruston and Thibodaux (Ann's) each year.  This year she will be in Thibodaux, so we had Christmas with her last night.  The kids were sweet and had a good time.  They also loved their gifts.  Audrey and Abby got sparkle Toms and movies and Madeline got a Barbie house.
Ashley and sweet Madeline


Baby Julia
This cracks me up!!  Abby is soooo silly!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas is coming soon!!

I have been horrible about posting.  Let's see, we had a great Thanksgiving with the James side of the family.  The cousins had fun playing with one another.  Aren't they precious???
We had the girls pictures taken.  Jenn Kilpatrick is awesome and did a great job....we love them!!
Thanks, Jenn!!

We are now getting ready for Christmas.  I love our tree!!  It reminds me of our tree growing up.  It has ornaments that I made when I was little (thanks for saving them, Mom), ornaments the kids have made and just an assortment of others.  I really wanted fat colored lights this year and I love them!!  It reminds me of my childhood (I think we had lights maybe once growing up???).  We bought a new tree this year and wanted one that was not pre-lit, but had no luck finding one.  So, we have another pre-lit tree, but I just added my fat happy lights!!  You can't really see the lights in this picture......
So, I will add another one......
And another one....
Enjoy the weekend!!