Sunday, May 29, 2011

Growing Up

Audrey last Sunday

Audrey this Sunday

At this rate, the Tooth Fairy is going to be BROKE!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

End of the School Year....

Wow!! I cannot believe the school year is over! Both girls have enjoyed the year. They have grown so much this year!! Especially Abby. She is just not a baby anymore. So bittersweet.

Audrey loved her teachers this year. Mrs. Blaylock and Mrs. Barfield are wonderful teachers and Audrey continues to LOVE reading. She also LOVES her art class with Mrs. Renee. She created some beautiful art this year!! Abby is now asking about taking art next year, so hopefully we can work that out!! Abby had a fantastic first year at Wildflower. We LOVE that school!! I always knew she was loved on and cared for. She learned so much this year, too. Mrs. Lauren is very special to our family and we all love her!! She taught Audrey and now Abby. She even picked up Audrey some for me this year from school. Mrs. Linda was also in Abby's room. Love her too!!

I have included some pictures from each of their end of the year parties. Enjoy!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Anniversary/Sick Kid/Shopping

First of all, I am having problems blogging lately. If I add pictures, I cannot always type above them. Usually it erases them and if it doesn't erase them, the words are underlined. Curious George. Anywho.....

Today is my sister and her husband's anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ANN AND STEVE! The Seney's love you both so much! The whole James family just loves Steve. He fits in perfectly and he puts up with my sister...not an easy job (you know that is true, Ann)!!

So, we are going on our third day of Abby being home sick. She has tonsilitis. This is the 2nd time in the past couple of months she has had it. Our prediction is that she will have them out by this time next year. She really doesn't feel bad, though, thankfully. She has a hard time swallowing so she has been eating a lot of raman noodles. Caleb and I have been taking turns staying with her so we can each at least work half a day. Glad my job is flexible so that I can do that, but I will probably have to work a couple of hours Saturday to catch up.

Normally when the kids are sick, Caleb works in the mornings and i the afternoons so that I can have therapy sessions with my girls when they are done with school. Well, today I had already planned to take one of my girls shopping in Monroe. For the record, I normally DO NOT take the kids shopping, but I made an exception this time. This certain girl has been at "the home" for almost 3 years. She has done SO well. She is graduating from RHS next week and has won all kids of honors, awards, scholarships,, when she asked me to take her shopping for her "goodbye" with me (she is leaving next week), I really could not say no.

The first place she asked to go was TJ Maxx. I know everybody loves that store and always finds good deals and all that, but quite frankly that store scares me!! It is so overwhelming!! But, it wasn't about me, so we went. She really did find some cute things. Glad we went. While we were there, I of course looked at the kid's clothes. I found a cute swimsuit for Abby. It's a brand that I have bought in the past. Audrey had a suit by the same brand and it lasted forever. The best part is that it was only $5.99!! What a bargain. When I showed it to her she said, "Awwwww, I wish it were a Mikini!!" Silly child!

She loves to pose!!

She also loves her dog

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just More Pictures

Friday night the girls slept together in Audrey's room

Abby on her bike...yes, in the house

Audrey...being Audrey

Abby...being Abby

Audrey working on a "project"

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Abby's school had their silent auction Thursday night. Each class has a class project that is auctioned. When Audrey was at WMS, I got her project, so I really wanted Abby's because the auction is every two years, so this was my chance.

Abby's class had "crazy dress day" and Jenn Kilpatrick (who also did our Christmas pics) took a picture of the class. The kids then signed their names on the matte and made finger print flowers. It is so cute and I (I mean we) got it!! Abby was so excited when I brought home her class picture. She insisted that we hang it on the wall in her room so we did. Too cute! We LOVE Wildflower Montessori School!!

If you look closely you can see Abby's name. She wrote her b's backwards so it actually says Addy. We have worked with her to turn her d's to b's and she had gotten down. Ms. Lauren, her teacher, told me that a few kids "messed up" their names on the picture. Maybe it was the pressure of writing with a marker?? Regardless, we love it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two Silly Kids and a Dog




Monday, May 9, 2011


Look what I got for Mother's Day!!!! I am soooo excited!! Thank you so much Caleb, Audrey and Abby!! Now, if I could just figure it out............

Saturday, May 7, 2011

School Girls

This picture cracks me up!!!!! Caleb took this of the girls before school on Thursday. He uploaded it to facebook with the caption "The difference between Montessori and public school is evident wouldn't you say?" HaHa!! So true, but we do love both of the girl's schools. Just made me giggle!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day from Audrey

Today Audrey's class had their Mother's Day program. So sweet!!! When we got their they had our plates fixed with cupcakes and mixed nuts. The kids then got our drink orders and delivered them to us. Together, the class wrote a poem about their moms. They read the poem to us. My sweet Audrey can be so shy. She stood with the class and read, but sort of hid behind her classmates. Wonder where she gets that from???! She is just like me! After they read the poem then we sat down and opened our presents. They had written and illustrated books for us. Audrey's book is about a time she and I snuggled in bed and watched "Alice in Wonderland." I was a little surprised because we did that a long time ago. Wow! Kids remember everything!! At least twice, I found myself tearing up. Good Lord I have become my mother!! It seems like she cried all the time at everything we did. I admit, I understand more and more the reasons my mom did the things she did.

Audrey and their poem

Audrey's book

I am such a blessed momma. God gave us two beautiful, smart and healthy girls. I just pray that I know what to do with these girls. What a huge responsibility!! I love them with all my heart!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I am so sad!! Our camera has died! No, it wasn't a fancy camera, but it did the job. I take pictures all the time of the kids. This weekend we went to Craig Taylor and Mallory Zangla's wedding in Alexandria. Caleb and Craig have been friends for years. He was the best man. The wedding was beautiful AND the girls were so sweet the whole weekend. We were so proud of them. They also looked precious, but I have no proof because I didn't have a camera!!!

Today Audrey's class is having a Mother's Day Program. Can't wait!! I am so fortunate and blessed to have a job with so much flexibility and freedom. My supervisor always puts our families first. I often feel guilty about being a working mom, so this helps ease the guilt a little.

Happy Hump Day!