Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pepper Alley (Pep Rally in Audrey and Abby speak)

The girls and I went to the pep rally this morning with Ashley and Madeline. We had fun, but is was so hot!! I have been cursed with what we like to call the "James sweat glands" and they were in full force!!

Audrey loved it!! She loved the dancers and loved seeing Champ. Abby, on the other hand, was very scared of Champ and practically crawled up my leg when he came anywhere near her.

Before the pep rally
During the pep rally, Audrey went and found Champ and sat in his lap like they were long lost friends. Too cute. I didn't have my camera, but Ashley did, so she got a picture. Later on, my friend Stephanie told me that Audrey and Champ were on the La Tech facebook page. She thinks she is famous now! Ha!

Audrey told me her favorite thing about this picture is that her red socks are showing. She was very excited this morning to put them on. It is the little things, I guess.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


What a fun weekend!! Ann, Steve, Emma and Jack came to town on Friday and stayed until Monday morning. We spend the day with Mom on Saturday and then attended the annual James Family Reunion on Sunday. I think this was the best reunion to date. The kids played and had so much fun, but I think my dad may have had the most fun. We visited and ate and then Dad brought out the water guns. Definitely the highlight of the day. I didn't even bring my camera, but thanks to my cousin-in-law (is there such a term??), Caroline, I am able to share some pictures. Also, Aunt Lora and Cousin Camille posted pics on their blogs, look to the right for old lady athlete and Jennings Secede. Any who, enjoy the pictures!

Judge Troublemaker, oh, I mean, Dad

Look at her mouth...the concentration...too funny, Audrey

This is by far the BEST picture of the day. It will be framed and in my home SOON!!