Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet Abby Goes to School

Well, my baby went to school today. She started Wildflower Montessori School. Audrey went there for 2 years and we fell in love!! The BEST school. Abby is in Ms. Lauren's class. She taught Audrey both years and has been one of our favorite people since. She still helps me by getting Audrey a couple of days a week from Phillips.

So, it is now Abby's turn to hang out with Ms. Lauren. She did great today. She didn't cry or fuss. When I picked her up she was all smiles.

She can be a bit dramatic at times!
Loves to pose

Precious girl!!!
Not long after I picked Abby up from school, I saw this. Lauren had taken her picture during the morning. Another reason we love Ms. Lauren!!

That is a genuine smile!
I know she had a great day and she cannot wait to go back tomorrow. My sweet baby is growing up!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back To School

It is hard to believe that Audrey is in 1st grade. Wow!! Time does fly.

She tried to get out of this. She should know by now that we are always going to take her picture!
Much better!!

At her desk

With her BFF, Sophia
Abby starts WMS on Wednesday. Now, that is really hard to believe. She is still a baby!! :( I am having a hard time allowing her to grow up. Stay tuned for those pictures.