Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas Card Pictures

Tuesday, Sherry Owens met us at Dad and Laurie's house to take the girls pictures for our Christmas cards. The weather was beautiful and so was the scenery. Abby was a little hesitant initially, but she warmed up eventually. I even got in a few myself. Caleb was there, too, but he had been in the woods hunting so he didn't think he looked appropriate. Well, truthfully, I didn't think he looked appropriate!

If you would like to look at the proofs, you can visit her website:

On the left side of the page click on view proofs then scroll down until you see Seney girls. Click on view and then enter your email and the password is Adrian.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Last Friday, Audrey's class had a Thanksgiving Day program for all the parents. It was very cute!! All the kids were dressed as Indians, complete with feathers. They sang songs, told a story and had a feast. Audrey's teachers are absolutely wonderful and so creative (and patient)!! This is Audrey's second year at Montessori and we love it.

Enjoy the pictures!!

Smiling for her momma

Audrey and Ms. Lauren

Audrey and Ms. Tasha

Audrey singing

Giving thanks

Enjoying the sweets

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not Much Going On

Not too much going on at the Seney's. We are ready for the Thanksgiving break!! Audrey will be out of school and I am off work for the week (except for a few hours on Monday). I think Caleb will be home most of the week, too. Ann and her family are coming in town for Thanksgiving and we will all be at our house for Turkey day. Mom, Andrew, Ashley and Madeline will be here, too. Five kids aged 5 and under....could be fun; could be scary!!

Audrey and I made Amish Friendship bread tonight.....YUMMY!! If anyone out there would like a starter, let me know.

That's all I've got. Audrey is having a Thanksgiving program tomorrow at school, so I hope to have cute pictures to share tomorrow.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Audrey and Abby's Honey gave them these precious outfits. I thought I would take their pictures to share with Honey since she is out of town and unable to see them in person. Well, this is what I got. Audrey was very cooperative, but Abby was not! Regardless, the outifts are cute, but the girls are cuter!!
Audrey posing on the rock (her idea)

Audrey seriously posing and Abby making her escape

Audrey attempting to keep Abby in place

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Abby was being so sweet. She just wanted to sit in Audrey's lap. She FINALLY got there and as I got the camera ready she kept repeating "CHEESE!" Audrey, as you can tell, was not so happy about this. Her response was "she is hurting my skin and breaking my bones!"

Abby LOVES mornings. Apparently, Audrey was not quite awake yet and had not watched enough Playhouse Disney. She was in no mood for sisterly love.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Isn't she fancy?? This little girl is almost too never really know what you are going to get!

I found out about the secret Santa gift. The elf she received is named Henry and he is supposed to watch over kids and report back to know, pretty much bribery. So, I tell Audrey about Henry and what he does. She is excited and is smiling really big and then says, "sure Mom, we can PRETEND he is watching me, but he really isn't because he is not real." Well, I guess she was right. Later in the evening she tells me that Henry is watching me and Caleb, too, so we better be nice if we want presents. Well, tonight she told me that she has already talked with Henry and she knows what she can and cannot do. She told me Henry told her she can read books in her bed after bedtime - she just cannot make a lot of noise.

During our Henry talk, she asked me how Santa knows all the names of all the kids in the world. Well, I gave one of my two usual responses..."I don't know." (my other response is usually "go ask your dad"). She thought for a minute and then said that he must get a list from the Lord or that the Lord sends Santa to a special school to learn them. Too funny!!

By the way, sweet Abby does not have an ear infection. Her daddy took her to the doctor on Wednesday and diagnosed her with a cold. I think she is feeling better. She slept great last night.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


What a great surprise!! When Audrey and I came home this evening, she had a "happy" waiting at the door for her. Inside the bag was a cute little Christmas elf! We don't know who gave it to her, but if the giver reads this post......thank you very much!! She just could not believe someone would leave her a gift. She kept saying, "but it's not my birthday!"

On a more sad note, I walked in the back this evening and found this pitiful thing:
It is VERY rare that Abby stops. Apparently, she does not feel good. She found her blanket and laid down on the floor and covered herself up. When I talked to her, she just looked at me, but did not move. Her fingers in her ears could be a bad sign.....say a little prayer that she is not getting sick.

Monday, November 10, 2008

For Carey

My sweet friend, Carey Fallin Hurst, called ME for blogging advice....I feel so special!!! I really am not sure if I helped her much, but I had a great time talking to her on the phone....she is so sweet and funny! She and I knew each other growing up, but lost touch after high school. Then, after graduate school and before I got married, I lived with Betsy Bourgeois, and Carey and Bestsy were friends, soooooo, Carey and I are friends again. Yay!!

This past summer, Carey was in town (she and her husband Jay live in Texas), and I was able to keep their sweet baby, Molly Cate, for the afternoon. Audrey taught her to play with the shoes in my closet....aren't they cute?? I think Abby might have slept through the fun.

I think my sister Ann is mad at me because I haven't done a blog about Emma's party...I am TRYING...having a hard time with the pictures....don't give up on me, Ann!! Love you!! Here's an idea, maybe you could start your own blog. I have the perfect name....."It's Miller Time!"

Friday, November 7, 2008

Silly Seney Sisters

Well, I have not posted pictures of Audrey in her dancing here she is. Yes, those are Halloween stickers on her leotard that she insisted on putting on right after class. If it is not obvious, she LOVES to be silly...especially in front of the camera. She is a mess and Caleb and I have our hands full!!

Abby wanted to be in on the action, too. She is so sweet and precious. She found Audrey's doctor kit and was having a lot of fun....oh, she also found the Mardi Gras beads.
Well, next thing we know, she has found Audrey's tap shoes.....................

Then I thought it would be sweet to get a picture of the girls together - this is what I got:

So, not the best. Maybe I should take one of the girls with their Daddy..............

Oh, well!!! These pictures tell the truth.....we are a very silly family and have lots of fun!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lunch Bunch

Audrey is so excited today. She has now started doing "lunch bunch" at school, so on Tuesdays and Thursdays she brings her lunch and stays all day. So far, she has only stayed at school half a day, but she has been asking if she can do lunch bunch so today we started! Lat night she sat at the bar with me while I fixed her lunch. She talked about it ALL evening and again this morning. Hope she is having fun!!

Abby continues to be just as silly as ever. She has discovered Audrey's binoculars and loves to play with them. She is a little confused, though. She thinks they are a camera and puts them up to her face and says "CHEESE!" What a precious little girl!!
Abby still loves to play with shoes. Last night I caught her with just one of mine on in front of Audrey's easel (which, by the way, Audrey calls her "hazel"....who knows!).

I love my sweet baby girls!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Sparky came out of his house (Abby's closet) a few evenings ago to visit with us. He does not come out often (he sleeps ALOT, according to Caleb), so it's always a treat. Sparky is a puppet with a lot of history. I am not sure how old Sparky is, but I know he's in the double digits (x7 because he is a dog).

Caleb inherited Sparky from his parents. Caleb's dad was Sparky for years for the children's ministry at their church. When Mr. Seney passed away, Sparky was handed down to Caleb. There were only a handful of occassions that I was fortunate enough to spend time with Caleb's dad. From those times and from all the stories Caleb tells, I am certain Caleb is just like his father was....a big kid! Caleb is so much fun to be around and is one of the funniest people I have ever met....and I know where he got it from.

Audrey particularly enjoyed this most recent visit from Sparky. Abby, not so much. Audrey even "read" a story to Sparky. Abby was not really interested in Sparky. I don't think she was scared of him, just indifferent. She stayed in the room, but just ignored Sparky, Caleb and Audrey. Instead, she played with her toys.

Hopefully, Sparky will come out again soon. He's a fun dog to hang out with!

Sparky talking to Audrey
Abby on her zebra, totally ignoring Sparky

Audrey "reading" to Sparky

Abby, still playing and still ignoring

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Last night was fun! We stayed in our neighborhood for trick or treating and were joined by LiLi, my precious niece, Madeline, and Ashley and Mrs. Lynne. Caleb drove the truck and we all (me, mom, Audrey, Abby, Ashley, Mrs. Lynne and Madeline) rode in the back so we could get out easily for trick or treating. Abby spent some time in her car seat and some time in the back...she could not make up her mind!

Audrey was Cinderella with a twist...she added fairy wings. Abby wore a fairy/ballerina costume and Madeline was a pig....the cutest thing I have seen in awhile. She did not like the head piece, so she only had on the body and the hooves.

They were so funny. Audrey was not shy and said "trick or treat" at every door. Abby was a bit leery and wanted me to hold her. Madeline, on the other hand, was hilarious! She LOVED getting the candy and she even made her way inside most of the houses....she is so friendly...she just wanted to stay and visit! She even cried when we left one house headed for another.

All in all, it was a successful Halloween. We just have TONS of candy!