Saturday, January 30, 2010


What's been happening in the Seney world??  Not much!  Last Saturday, the girls got their haircut.  It has been a looooong time since they have had it cut.  I think they both look really cute!  Audrey is really not into bows anymore, so her new 'do really works well for that change.  Abby hair had grown into a mullet, so it was time for her to get a trim, too.

Friday was jersey day at AEP, so Caleb insisted on getting "Big A" a Saints jersey.  I have to admit, she does look cute!!

Abby felt like she needed to wear one, too, so she wore the LSU jersey.  I find it a bit strange that we have two kid's football jerseys in a house with two little girls!!  Grover even posed for this one!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.  Stay warm!!