Saturday, March 28, 2009

Family Shopping Day

We should know better by now. Maybe aliens came and took our brains away? Whatever the reason, the Seney's did something very crazy today...all four of us went shopping (and LiLi, too) without Abby having her nap. WHAT WERE WE THINKING??? I admit, I have done this before and told myself I never would again, but CALEB, too?? He earned A LOT of points today, people. What a great man he is!!

Our crazy outing started with a stop at LifeWay bookstore. Audrey and Caleb are reading the Chronicles of Narnia and are ready for book 6, "The Silver Chair". LifeWay did not have it in hardback and Caleb did not want paperback, so we left.

We then went to Target. Is it really Christmas and I just don't know. I believe that everyone in the twin cities was at Target. Regardless, we pressed on. Caleb (God love him) entertained the girls while mom and I looked. I wanted to see if I could find some cute sandels or flip flops for the girls and look to see if I could find Audrey some skorts. The child is OBSESSED with skorts, skirts and dresses. She was patient enough this morning while I tried on all her clothes from last summer and some hand-me-downs we were given. The verdict was...NOT ENOUGH SKORTS. Well, we didn't find any at Target. I then remembered the Children's Place in the mall. I do not shop there often (because it is in the evil Pecanland Mall), but thought I might be able to find a skort.

What else is at the mall? Yes, the carosel. After LiLi spent half of her retirement savings on tokens, we boarded. Audrey had fun and LiLi stayed with her. Abby also had fun, so much so that she screamed louder than I have ever heard her when it was time to get off. I had to pry her legs and then hands off the zebra...she drew quite a bit of attention to us...thanks, Abby.

After the ride, we made our way down the mall in search of skorts. Again, Caleb came to the rescue and offered to take the girls to the fountain while LiLi and I shopped. We did find a skort and a skirt with matching tops and a few items for Abby as well.
The day of shopping ended with supper at IHOP. Can you really go wrong there? I think not. I love the harvest grain and nut pancakes. They now have them with blueberries baked in and topped with bananas. YUMMY!!
We all survived, but barely.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bob Seney Times Three

When you see the Seney girls (all three of us), you may not be able to tell who is who because we all have the same "do" now...the BOB!

Audrey has not had a haircut in over a year. The reason is because for soooo long, she wanted "way down back hair". Well, she finally got it and then decided she didn't really like it. She requested getting it cut; even after her daddy nicknamed her Aslin (from the Chronicles of Narnia). You know, long wavy blond hair - just like Aslin's mane.

Audrey before (such pretty hair)
Audrey after (along with a typical silly face)

So, Abby was next. That sweet angel has never had a haircut. She was a little nervous and did not want Ms. Amy anywhere near her. She finally calmed down and allowed Ms. Amy to work her magic.

Before..still a little nervous

After...the back

After...the front (still not very happy; wanted to go OUTSIDE)
So, there you have it. All the Seney girls now have the same haircut. Wonder if Caleb will grow his into a bob and dye it blond? Better not even suggest it...knowing him he would do it!
Happy Weekend.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So Many Career Options for Abby...

I am comforted in the fact that Abby has so many interests at such an early age...surely picking a career will not be a problem for her.

Let's consider her interests: 1) Movie Star- SHe LOVES sunglasses and wears them and night...inside and outside. 2) Bird Watcher/Safari Guide- She also LOVES binoculars and wears them all the time (the toy kind, thanks to cousin Jack). In fact, she wore them to church Sunday and Wednesday. 3) Monkey- this child loves a banana.

This image captures the above 3 career choices
4) Mechanic- Abby and her sister love to "work" on this toy truck. For her third birthday, Audrey insisted that LiLi get her a big blue truck, and LiLi being the grandmother that she is, did exactly just that. Audrey has enjoyed the blue truck, but now Abby enjoys it, too. They both love to get small screw drivers and scotch tape (???) and work away. I think we may can hook them up with Charles Payne, to perfect the trade.

Please notice the attention to detail in both photos. I would think it is fair to say that Audrey is Abby's assistant when it comes to truck work.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beautiful Weekend

What a beautiful spring weekend! Saturday Caleb's mom and his niece Megan, his brother Tony and sister-in-law Melanie all came over. We headed to Lincoln Parish park for the kids to play. They had a blast and left very dirty, which equals a good time.

Abby, Megan and Audrey (yes, she is picking her nose...the pollen is bad)
Audrey and Megan...Audrey LOVES to pose for the camera

Sweet Abby playing...she had a great time!!
This morning we headed to church. Audrey's class sang and then we had a church-wide potluck. Audrey was precious, although, a little shy in front of all those people! Both girls had fun at the picnic, but were mad when it was time to leave. They were having too much fun to come home and take a nap.
I know it's hard to see, but Audrey is the precious one to the left with her hands on her mouth.
After nap time, LiLi came over to play with the girls. As usual, they had fun. They read books and put puzzels together. She also brought each one a cute Easter purse and straws. They were very excited!!
As usual, we had an early dinner with Poppa and Honey, and as usual, it was at El Jarrito. After eating, they always take Audrey for ice cream. Caleb and I came home with Abby and he decided the carpot needed to be cleaned out from all the pollen. Abby and I stayed outside and played, too. When Audrey came home, we were still outside and the girls had a great time. They were filthy from pollen and wet from the water hose, but did not mind a bit.
Caleb cleaning off one of MANY outside toys

Silly Audrey on Abby's tricycle

Abby trying to figure out how to peddle

Silly sister switched bikes
After cleaning was over, we decided to ride around the neighborhood on the golf cart. This is a favorite activity for Caleb and Audrey. Tonigh Abby and I joined in on the fun. We rode around a saw so many of our neighbors out enjoying the great spring temperatures.

Abby even "drove" for a little bit
Hope everyone has a great week!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just So You Know

If you are an avid reader of the Seney's Say, which I am certain you and millions others are, you will notice a few new blogs on my blog list. Just wanted to tell y'all to check them out...I LOVE them! One is Big Mama. I am not sure how I found her, but she makes me laugh. The other is Kelly's Korner. I found her through my friend, Lori. My friend, Jan, loves Kelly, too. Just to be clear, none of us personally know Kelly, but we love her and her precious baby, Harper.

Okay, it is official. I am totally addicted to the blogs of people I do not even know. Am I crazy?? Don't answer that question. I have to say, I have made some friends on the Internet (thanks to Aunt Lora) and I even met one in person the other day. It really was nice to meet you, Debbie! The other two are Hannah and Suzanne. They both live in Ruston and we have many mutual friends, but Big Mama and Kelly are total strangers.

Well, I guess when I quit work, neglect my family and sit in front of a computer all day, I will have a problem. Until then, I am just a little obsessed.

I actually did something blog-worthy today, but I am too lazy to go get the camera out of the car, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Little Piece of Heaven

Are you people familiar with this? Let me tell is the best thing EVER!! I have seen the infomercial several times and dreamed of owning one, but knew that Caleb would not approve of that purchase, so I just let it go.....FAST FORWARD TODAY...
It is always cold in my office. Today was especially chilly. I could not get warm. So, some friends and I go eat lunch at Subway. It was FREEZING in there!! I was miserable (well, not miserable enough to leave before eating). So, we leave and head to Walgreen's, which in my opinion, is a fabulous store. I especially love the "As Seen On Television" aisle. You know where this is going don't you???!! Well, I did not even go in the store today, instead I sat in the car with the heater on. After a few minutes of shopping, my friends emerge with my "little piece of heaven".
As soon as we return to work, I put on (wrap up in) my Snuggie. I LOVE IT!! The blue color even matches my office and works great with my skin tone (if I may say so myself). I recommend this to everyone...especially Ann Miller (you would love it, sister)!!
A few things to keep in mind: 1) Don't wrap up in Snuggie before a meeting; it can leave blue fuzz everwhere and 2) Don't wear your Snuggie when 10 or so people from the Office of Juvenile Justice are touring your facility. If you can avoid these, you are in business.
Happy Snuggie everybody!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend in Thibodaux

We had a fun weekend in Thibodaux for Jack's birthday! The party was Friday night and was a pretend camp out complete with a huge tent and s'mores. Audrey and Abby had so much fun. Abby learned to swing in a "big girl" swing and absolutely loved it! She also loved the slide.

The kids waiting for the guests to arrive
Abby in the swing...she LOVED it!

The birthday boy coming down the slide

Don't you just love his outfit??

The weather was beautiful on Saturday. We spent the whole day outside playing with the kids.
LiLi with the girls. They all wanted to wear their cheerleader outfits...too cute!

This next picture cracks me up!! Emma and Audrey are very silly! I do not know where they get it from??!

Friday, March 6, 2009


In an effort to keep posting, I will just give a small list of what is going on:

1. We are headed to Thibodaux this weekend to celebrate Jack's birthday. Aunt Lora, I have already put your present in the car so I don't forget it!

2. We had our kindergarten interview...guess it went well. It only lasted about 15-20 minutes. Now we just wait to hear back from them.

3. One of my sweet friends from childhood is having a c-section today with her second baby. I have known LeeAnn since our preschool days at Tech Nursery School. Love you, Lee, we will be praying...I know it will be bittersweet... A LOT has happened in the last 1.5 years...I KNOW your precious parents are sweet angels watching over you!

Okay, that is about it...I leave you with a picture of the girls fighting over a flashlight. I don't know why, but it just cracks me up. They are silly little girls.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My How Time Have Changed...

Tomorrow is a big day for us. Audrey has an interview for kindergarten. Yes, you read correctly, an interview for KINDERGARTEN! Well, it is my understanding that Caleb and I will be interviewing, too. I went to the same school growing up, and I don't think an interview was part of the process way back then!

Wish us luck. Audrey is the smartest 4 1/2 year old EVER and will blossom and do GREAT where ever she ends up, but I really want her to go to my alma mater!!
On a different note, I cannot believe how big Abby is getting. She is soooo tall! She will be 2 in about a month and I cannot believe how time flies. I am really feeling old these days. It is hard to believe I have one ready for kindergarten and one that is almost two!! I kinda feel like my mom...she always said things about us growing up so fast.

Such a big girl. Yes, she did have a bow in her hair, but she pulled it out. I try to make her love bows, but she hasn't taken to them quite yet!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Seney Cheerleaders

Since she could speak, Audrey has always told us she wanted to be a doctor. Seriously, she talked about it all the time. She loved to play doctor and would often tell us to call her Dr. Slusher (the name of her pediatrician). She would also tell us she wanted to work at Blue Clinic (as oppossed to Green Clinic) and that I could sit in the waiting room until she was through seeing patients and then I could drive her home.

Well, that has all changed now. My brilliant doctor-to-be has now decided she wants to be a CHEERLEADER! Wow!! This is serious business, people. We have had several intense conversations about becoming a cheerleader.

Honey bought the three grand girls High School Musical Cheerleader outifts. Audrey and Abby received theirs last night. Life has not been the same at the Seney House.

Posing (with princess shoes, of course)

As long as she has food, she is happy (calcium is good for her bones)

No caption needed!
So, not only did she wear it last night and sleep in it, she also wore it to school, with her striped pants and black patent church shoes. Quite a sense of fashion! This girl is gonna wear me out! Caleb and I often say it is a good thing she is telling what we would have done with her by now!!

She cracks me up!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

On My Honor, I WIll Try.....

I admit, I have not been very good at blogging recently. I have no excuse...LAZY I suppose. Today is March 1, a good day to start again.

It is a special day, too. Today is Jack Michael Miller's 4th birthday. He is possibly the most precious little boy ever. Seriously, he is sooo sweet! The only grandson on our side of the family. All together now, say S-P-O-I-L-E-D! We will be headed down to his birthday party Friday and we are all excited to see the Miller family.

Stay tuned...the Seney Say is back in action. Happy Sunday everyone!!