Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Here is Abby before we left the house this morning........

And here is Abby this afternoon....

Sweet Abby had her cast removed today!! She was excited, but after it came off, she was a little nervous. She kept her arm bent as if she still had a cast most of the day. I guess it will just take a while to get used to it. She said her elbow hurt a little bit and there were a few abrasions, but Dr. Blair (my new bff) said it looked great. He wants to follow up with her in 2 weeks and was kind enough to schedule her for the same day/time Audrey is scheduled to return!! We will be tight with Dr. Blair and his staff before the summer is over.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Night

Our girls are so different. Tonight Audrey sat on (not "at", but "on") the table for about an hour making a necklace from the jewelry kit she got for her birthday.

While Audrey sat quietly working on her necklace, Abby was singing and dancing. Below she is dancing to the song about whipping your hair back and forth.....I am old....I don't know the name or artist, but I think it may be Will Smith's kid.

It is amazing to me that they came from the same place; so different!

Also, did you notice Audrey's sweet air-brushed t-shirt? It is her new prized possession. Unicorn + rainbow + air-brushed = AWESOME!

Abby's shirt is also her current favorite. She would wear it everyday if she had her way.

Love these silly kids!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Girl With a Cast

Audrey finally got her cast today!! She picked tie-dyed. It is very loud and happy! When Abby saw it, she burst into tears because "mine is not as pretty!" Poor baby.....
I do believe she may be the happiest child with a cast EVER...she obviously was a little tickled as seen below:

After I took Audrey's pictures, I decided we needed to document both girls with their casts....they are sooo silly!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday Night Bath

Last night was a turning point at the Seney House. Since Tuesday night, things just haven't been "right." It just didn't feel right. Ya know? We were at the ER all evening Tuesday, Abby was with the Allen's (thank God) and Caleb and I were both scared, worried, stressed, tired and the list goes on and on. The "unrightness" continued Wednesday (I was home from work, Abby had the stomach bug and Audrey had her splint and sling). The day was weird and we could all feel it. The weirdness continued on Thursday.

Friday was better. Caleb stayed home and I went to work. I had a pretty productive day. When I got home, Caleb cooked supper and we ate. Then I bathed the girls (yes, it is true...they had not been bathed since Monday; DON'T JUDGE). What a difference a bath makes!! Of course, we couldn't wash Audrey's hair because the splint can't get wet and I was too lazy to figure out a way to do it. Instead we used dry shampoo that doesn't require water. It wasn't too bad. Audrey and I agree it stinks, but it made some difference. Thankfully, Audrey has beautiful, thick hair. It just doesn't get greasy nor does it look yucky. I think the short cut helps, too.

After bath time, the girls just seemed happier. Things started feeling "right" again. It was also a turning point in how I feel about Audrey's arm. I all of a sudden knew everything was going to be OKAY. She is fine!! Just a couple of broken bones, that's all.

So thankful for a Friday night bath.

I love this little family. My girls are precious and my husband is strong and steady.

Thank you, God, for your many blessings.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

And it is now Audrey's turn.........

Audrey now has a broken arm.....seriously!!! She broke her arm Tuesday while going cheer/tumbling. We were trying to decide if she wanted to participate in the sport. She was just a "guest" at the class Tuesday. Apparently, she attempted a back bend without assistance. The teacher had just turned her back. Thankfully, I was there (I guess??). I did not see it happen, which I am also thankful for, but was able to get her to the ER quickly. She broke her right radius and ulna (I think I have the names of those bones right!!!). It really was scary. The attending PA at the ER had us prepared for surgery. They called in Dr. Blair (who happens to be our new BFF). He decided he wanted to attempt to reset it first. So, Caleb stayed in the room with her....he's the strong parent....while Dad, Laurie and I waited int he waiting room (so thankful Dad and Laurie came. Thinks just seem better when your dad is around, ya know??). Also, Dad and Laurie brought us a portable DVD player and movies for Audrey to watch. You see, they could not reset it for sometime because of the severity of the breaks, they wanted her sedated to do the procedure and she had food/water on her tummy. Dr. Blair was able to "fix" it so that surgery was not required. He said he impressed himself! Ha! Audrey just has to take it easy and practically do nothing until Monday when she gets her cast. Bless her little heart!!

Our sweet friends Sally and Curt kept Abby for us. Actually, Sally offered to keep the girls in the afternoons for me because my regular babysitter is on vacation this week. So, Sally got my girls Monday after VBS. I went to pick them up from her house Monday afternoon and Abby burst into tears when she saw me. She didn't want to leave!! So, they spent the night with Sally (and her kids) Monday night and Abby ended up staying Tuesday night, too since we were at the ER until about 9:30. Well, Sally called me at 6 on Wednesday morning and told me that Abby had been throwing up since about 3!! Nice!! She and Curt were so nice as to not even call us in the middle of the night. Needless to say, we owe them BIG TIME!! So blessed and thankful for sweet friends.

Yesterday was just a great day for the Seney's!! Ha!! Truthfully, we are thankful for healthy children. This too shall pass.

Will update when Audrey gets her cast. She is already thinking of what color she wants.

Never a dull moment!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Audrey's Birthday Party

We had Audrey's birthday party Saturday at Cedar Creek pool. She really wanted to have a swimming party, so that's what we did!! We did it in the evening, though so it wouldn't be too hot! The picture above is LiLi with the Seney kids and the Miller kids. The James kids were out of town. LiLi has always gotten all the kids presents on birthdays. So, it was Audrey's bday so she got gifts and the other kids got little "prizes". MawMaw (Mom's mom) did this for us and she is continuing the tradition......

The party went really well. Between cousins and friends, there were plenty of kids there!

Poppa and Honey with Abby, Jack, Audrey and Emma

Audrey with cousin Megan (Caleb's sister's daughter) ad Emma and Jack. They are all pretty close in age. The girls are 7 and Jack is 6.

Friends having fun

Sophie Mae, Riley, Audrey and Jack did this FOREVER!

Little cousins....Jackson (Megan's brother) and Abby

Flip-flop cupcakes with a fish cupcake for Audrey

She was SOOOO excited about this Password Journal from LiLi

I love this picture of Audrey and Riley! They met at our babysitters and just hit it off!! Sweet friends!

So, the party was great and the weekend was great!! We loved having our family in town. My girls LOVE their Nanny (my sister, Ann). Can't wait to see y'all again soon. It's our turn to go to Thibodaux.....hopefully soon!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

LiLi's Birthday Party!!!!!

Yesterday was Mom's birthday. We had a little party for her last night when Ann and the kids got in town. Andrew and Ashley are out of town so they weren't able to join us.....we missed y'all (especially those sweet girls M and J). Mom has mentioned several times that she wishes Audrey would have been born on her birthday, but instead she came on the 7th. Sorry, Mom, I love you, but I don't think I would have been able to put off child birth for another 24 hours!!!!!
LiLi blowing out her candles.....well, her candle!!!

COUSINS!! So hard to get them to all look at the camera

Reading her cards. She LOVES cards for every occasions and keeps them all!

Ann helping her with the new bracelets she was given......

So proud of her new picture frame

We had a fun little get together and cannot wait to celebrate Audrey's birthday with her party this evening.

Friday, July 8, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday)

Happy Birthday, Audrey!! You are such a blessing to your family!! You are smart, beautiful, funny and loved by many. I hope your special day was wonderful and look forward to your party on Saturday. Love you!!!!

Yesterday when Caleb took her picture, she asked for a picture of her feet. Silly kid! Her cute shoes are from her Nanny (Aunt Ann) and her painted toes are courtesy of the Hearne twins (our babysitter's daughters).

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Well, sweet Abby has had her cast for a week now. She is doing GREAT! It has not slowed her down one bit!! And, you can see her from a mile away....SHOCKINGLY PINK!!!

Audrey participated in a tumble/cheer camp last week at Powerhouse. She loved it and did great. So much fun!
The girls before their performance

Woo Hoo!! Go Audrey!!

I cannot believe this, but Audrey turns 7 tomorrow! Really? Where have the years gone? We will have a fun and busy weekend with her party and family coming in town. Pictures to follow!

Monday, July 4, 2011


I would really love to show you how cute Abby is in her pink cast (I know I shouldn't think that Abby is cute in a cast, but if she has to be in one at least she rocks it), but I CANNOT get pictures to upload on blogger......I have been trying since Thursday.

I would also like to share pictures of Audrey from tumble/cheer camp. She loved it and did really well. The girl has a pretty good cartwheel (she is almost as good as me!!!!). I can remember doing cartwheels and front walkovers down the aisle of Harvest Foods or was it still Safeway???? Either way, I am sorry I did that, Mom.

So, happy July 4th!! I will try with my pictures again soon. Enjoy your day!