Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Abby Goes to Kindergarten...

Today was Abby's turn.  I cannot believe our baby is in kindergarten.  She was a little nervous, but had a great day!  I think she just may be the most precious thing on earth....Such a cute little bullpup!

Here is a look back at her first day of PreK 3 and 4....
Her first day at WMS (3 years)
Her first day at WMS (4 years)

Can't believe how much she has grown up!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Third Grade

Really??  3rd grade??  Where has the time gone?  Where has my baby gone?  So hard to believe!  I looked back at her other "first day of school" pics and got a little sad.....
My sweet little kindergartener
My precious 1st grader
My broken-armed 2nd grader
My big 3rd grader

I am pretty sure I am going to lose it when Abby starts Kindergarten at the end of the month.....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just not motivated....

I am just not really motivated to blog lately.  The summer is good so far, but work is STRESSFUL!! Anyway, sweet Audrey had a birthday on July 7th.  Cannot believe she is 8...where has the time gone??
Opening gifts from us.....she LOVES baby dolls and all things baby

We celebrated with a Saturday evening swimming party with ALL her cousins and a few friends.  
Audrey LOVES her baby cousin, Julia!!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Birthday Girl

I am having a hard time believing that our Abigail is five.  It really seems like just yesterday when she was born.  She is so precious!!  She makes us laugh all the time.  She reminds me of her daddy.  She's sweet, cute, funny and so lovable.  She also loves to hug and kiss.  We are blessed beyond measure. 

Let's take a look at Abby through the years...........

Sweet baby around 2 months
At her 1st birthday
Abby at 2.  She was sick and we had to cancel her party.
Sweet little 3 year old
At her 4th birthday
And here she is today.  Her 5th birthday.  We had this blanket made for her because she loves her "cold' blankets (you know, soft on one side and silky on the other).  She calls them cold blankets because she likes to put them in the freezer so the silky side gets cold.  This blanket is huge and Caleb joked that we will need a deep freezer for her to get it cold!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Weekend

Friday Caleb had the time of his life!  He was able to meet Ron Paul.  Those of you that know my husband know that he LOVES Dr. Paul.  You also know that he is pretty much one of the funniest people ever.......
Apparently Ron thinks so, too.....

On Saturday, Abby was so sweet to make her own bed.  She didn't just make it up, she put pretty much every stuffed animal she owns on it....

We went to Bossier that afternoon to cousin Megan's birthday party.  It was at a skating rink.  Neither of our girls have ever skated.  Audrey was willing to try and did okay.  Abby wanted no part of it.
Sweet Audrey 

Saturday night the girls were so sweet.  Audrey read to Abby for at least 30 minutes.

Sunday LiLi and the James' came over.  Audrey loves her cousin Julia.  I'm pretty sure I have mentioned that one or fifty times!
Abby and Madeline enjoyed swinging together.

The weekend was nice.  Not really ready to start a new week......Hope it's a good one!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dinner and a Movie

Last night we went to Dinner and a Movie at Lincoln Parish Park.  Good job, JA ladies!  We had a great time.  We met Sally, Jack Henry and Mary Hope and we ran into and sat by Ashley, Madeline, Julia and Nonnie. 

Jack Henry and Audrey.  They are really 2 peas in a pod!!

Abby cheesing it up!!

We are headed to Bossier to cousin Megan's 8th birthday party today.  Tomorrow LiLi is coming to visit.  Fun and busy weekend!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The difference in our girls......

We are having a crawfish boil at our house tomorrow.  We rented a jumpy for all the kids.  Abby asked Caleb to go ahead and put it up.  So, he did.  I went to Super One and this is what I saw when I got home:
Abby jumping and.......
Audrey hanging out on the ice chest reading.

Gotta love them both!!!